"Success by innovation"

Own developments for the packaging industry

Due to the company's many years of experience in the envelope and packaging industry, a number of newly developed products have been designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

This is an individually implementable application system consisting of different aggregates:

a WTB - Angle Conveyor Belt,

an SPA - Silicone Paper Applicator

and a TSA - Tear Strip Applicator.

These machines are used in particular for processing environmentally friendly cardboard and paper packaging.



The Silicone Paper Applicator consists of a dispenser and an applicator head.

Our machine is also known as a silicone paper dispenser, silicone tape dispenser, silicone tape applicator or release paper applicator. The machine processes silicone paper.

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Silikonbandspender MaschineSilikonbandaufleger Maschine
Silikonpapierspender Maschine

Product details Silicone Paper applicator

The SPA dispenser stores the strip material and feeds it to the application head.                                                                        
The SPA application head applies the strip material to the product to be processed (e.g. cardboard packaging).
By using the servo motors, the strip material is conveyed and placed with millimetre precision.

Product data application head:

  • Dimensions: W x H x D: 120 x 450 x120 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Tolerances: length 1 mm, laying on 2 mm
  • Speed: 200 m/min, resp. up to 800 pcs/min
  • Strip width: 15 mm – 50 mm
  • Strip length: 60 mm – endless
  • Maximum 5 strips on one blank

The silicone paper applicator can be designed for mobile processing of silicone paper.


Tear Strip Applicator

A Tear Strip Applicator consists of a dispenser and an application head for the tear strip.

Our machine is also known as a tear tape applicator, tear strip dispenser, tear tape dispenser and processes tear tape.

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Trennbandspender MaschineTrennbandaufleger Maschine
Trennpapierspender Maschine

Product details TSA - Tear strip applicator

The TSA dispenser holds the tear tape roll in place and feeds the tape tension-free to the application head.

The TSA-application head ensures trouble-free application of the tape to the carrier material (cardboard packaging, etc.).

Product data:

  • dimensions: L180 x W 50 mm
  • weight:        5 – 10 kg
  • tolerances:  length +- 2 mm, position +-3 mm
  • speed:        120 m/min resp. 500 pcs/min
  • strip with:    4 or 6 mm
  • strip length:  60 mm – endless
  • easy handling, extremely trouble-free
  • maximum 5 strips on a blank
  • control via our SPA

The tear strip applicator / tear tape dispenser can be designed for mobile processing of tear tapes.


angle conveyor belt

The WTB (German: Winkeltransportband) is designed for conveying, diverting and processing packaging materials with high production speeds and various format sizes.

At the heart of the machine - the transport track - usually tear tape threads, hot melt and one or more release paper strips are applied to the packaging blanks which are deflected by 90°.

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Product details

Thanks to its mobility, the angle conveyor belt system can be flexibly integrated into existing production lines and can accommodate additional units.

Manifold functions and possibilities:

  • Transport of packaging blanks at high speed

  • 90° deflection

  • Separation of blanks from the shingle stream

  • Integration of glue application units

  • Integration of SPA aggregates for the application of release paper strips

  • Integration of TSA aggregates for the application of tear-off threads

  • Return of blanks to the shingle stream in the usual direction

  • If necessary, transport straight ahead via bypass function - if redirection and processing are temporarily not desired.

If you are interested, or if you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!